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Digital Archive of Visions & Plans for Salt Lake City

This is the beginning of a comprehensive archive of visions and plans for Salt Lake City and the surrounding area gathered by the SLC Workshop. This archive provides a central location for these visions and plans that is accessible to the public. It helps us understand how past visions and plans have shaped what we see today, and how what we envision today may shape what we leave for tomorrow.

If you have visions or plans you’d like included in the archive, please contact us here with a link or other mode(s) to access the documents. Be sure to provide appropriate credits. We are also happy to help you protect visions and plans for posterity by converting hard copies – currently sitting on shelves or in boxes – into electronic files. We encourage and appreciate your contributions.

The archive is currently organized into five categories. To view the visions and plans, select a category by clicking on one of the thumbnails below or by using the dropdown menu below “Visions & Plans.”

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